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Its very important to know that the Voc Control Equipment are made from quality and also you need to know the fundamentals of how thermal oxidizers work. Here is a quick outline of thermal oxidizers.


The main role of the Thermal Oxidizer would be to destroy the contaminants in the exhaust coming from a process. The functioning of the Thermal Oxidizer is founded on the principle of combustion. The procedure of combustion is the most often used method to control emissions of organic compounds.

Combustion based systems are always straightforward systems capable of having very high destruction efficiency. These systems usually include burners, which ignite the fuel and pollutants, and a chamber, which supplies the right residence time for the combustion to take place. Combustion is a chemical process with various elements or chemical compounds leading to release of heat originating from the rapid mix of oxygen. The procedure for combustion in addition has been referred to incineration or as oxidation.

It is necessary to attain complete combustion of the fuel gasoline in order that no further air pollutants are added. To achieve complete combustion once the polluted atmosphere and fuel happen to be brought into contact, the following states should be supplied: a temperature high enough to ignite the waste-fuel mixture, turbulent mixing of the air and waste-fuel mixture, and adequate residence time for the reaction to happen. These three conditions are referred to as the "three T's of combustion". Temperature considerably affects the speed at which a combustible solution is oxidized. The more complicated the temperature, the faster the oxidation reaction will proceed.

Adjustments to flow rates must be produced for the extra combustion air added. For complete combustion to occur, every particle of waste and fuel must come in touch with air (oxygen). Unreacted waste and fuel will likely be exhausted from the stack, if this does not really happen. Second, waste stream or not the whole fuel can be in direct contact together with the burner flame.

A number of approaches are utilized to improve blending the waste and atmosphere streams, including the utilization of refractory baffles, swirl-fired burners, and baffle plates. Unless properly designed, a lot of these blending devices may create "dead spots" and reduce operating temperatures. More information you can find at

The process of combining waste and flame stream to acquire a uniform temperature is the most challenging part in the look of an incinerator. A Thermal Oxidizer must certanly be designed very carefully and with proven methods to prevent dead spots and also to attain maximum mix of airflows.


A Thermal Oxidizer consists of a burner a combustion chamber, and also a blower to draw air during the complete oxidizer.

The products of the unreacted feed flow and also combustion enter the reaction zone of the unit. The pollutants in the process atmosphere are subsequently reacted at elevated temperature. The average gas rate can range from 10 fps. These high speeds are useful in preventing the particulates from settling down. The energy liberated by the reaction may be directly recovered from process through the use of a heat exchanger or regained. INSULATING MATERIAL

The Thermal Oxidizer ought to be constructed of material which can resist high temperatures along with the walls of the gear are insulated to avoid overheating of the outside walls of the unit. These units are usually supplied with flame detection devices that were sophisticated. The layer of insulating material exposed in the Combustion Chamber is usually ceramic block which is 7" thick along with a density of 10 lbs./ft3. Our Twitter.

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